Writing has been my escape
From a world that has hurt me so
It heals me in a special way
When I feel so very low

It’s difficult to express my thoughts
Some days I shut down inside
But pen and paper can’t hurt my heart
and has never criticized

For about ten years I have written a lot
When I have felt so very alone
My writing has become my friend
when my thoughts begin to roam

As time has passed and days have gone by
I have shared the talents God gave to me
I used to hide it from the world
But now, I hope it may help others to heal

Written By:
Tabitha Creech
Copyright 2010 Pending


One response to “Writing

  1. Excellent! You are very talented. I enjoyed reading the poem. This is something we have in common. I haven’t shared any of the poems the Lord gave to me, on this site yet. Take care, and God bless!

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