Had to share this!!!!

Free INDEED!!!

Free INDEED!!!

Never back off for the nay-sayers, critics, haters, and do-nothing “experts”! FREEEEEEDOM!!!!!! We Belong to DADDY!!!!!!!!!!

~I saw this tonight on www.JesusLifeTogether.com and I just HAD to share it!!! God Bless you all~HazelEyes 🙂


One response to “Had to share this!!!!

  1. As Stuart Townend sings in “In Christ Alone” – “No guilt in life, no fear in death: this is the power of Christ in me”

    Death holds no fear, but to stand before my Saviour with empty hands, when He has given me so much and fully equipped me to live for Him – now THAT is an intolerable thought!

    “So live that when you come to die, you have nothing left to do but die.” (found in the diary of missionary Jim Elliot, killed by the Auca Indians)

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