If I Could, I Would…

*Here are a few things that I would do if I could:


~Be a millionaire

~Live on the beach

~Stay tan all year-long (even just during the summer would be nice)

~Talk to my loved ones who passed away one last time

~Sit down with my biological dad to ask him some questions

~Be thinner again

~Have more faith in God and be able to truly let go of my stress and worries

~Be baptized and have my son dedicated tomorrow!!!

~Have my house magically cleaned and organized

~For me to get some good rest and maybe even go get a massage

~Get my hair hi-lighted and buy me some new boots


*  I  decided to think of as many things that I would want to have or to do if I could.

I tried to type them out as fast as I could without giving too much though into it

and this is the list I came up   with. You should try it! It could end up being fun.


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