My Day Today


I just asked for prayers for my son, and I just need to be honest. I think I need to be asking for prayers maybe more for myself than for my son. I have been so anxious today that I felt like I was going to have a panic attack this morning, I had a migraine this afternoon that became so severe that I vomited and then I fell down and hurt my knees pretty bad. I am starting to feel a little better now after I started to pray. It is interesting that no matter how long I have been a Christian and how close to God I become, I still try to depend on myself at times. That obviously does not work. I have proven that once again.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to come to You at any time of the day or night with anything! Help me to remember, Lord, that I cannot depend on myself and that You are always here for me. Please remind me to lean on You and Your will for me. I would be an absolute mess without You. I love you Father and thank You for taking care of my family in all of the ways You do. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


10 responses to “My Day Today

      • oh its because my site is the one you tried to access belonged to a different author. sorry about that:(

        Im doing good thanks (except for a nasty cold sore sshhh.. )lol

        • Okay. Well, I think I have it straight now. Lol. Why do your comments come from The Prodigal Daughter and then underneath of it for me to go look at your blog (even though I am following and get emails to update me 🙂 it says I’m asking just to see if you know because sometimes it’s easier for me to click on here while I’m on to check for comments and I especially like to visit other people’s sites that happen to visit and comment on mine, too. I feel like we have things in common if we are both interested in eachother’s blogs, well obviously. lol

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