Update About My Son’s Appointment/Check-up For Nystagmus


Thank you to everyone for your prayers for my son. Everything went pretty well yesterday with his appointment with the pediatric eye specialist. He is a very nice doctor and even has a three-year old son with Nystagmus also. I think that is what I like to call a “God Wink” (After a book I read by Squire Rushnell called When God Winks At You about the little coincidences in life).

We found out that he is far-sighted, which the specialist said that most babies are at this age so that is not anything to worry about. He still has the shakiness, which I obviously knew about. He talked to us again about future possibilities that could range from glasses to surgeries if his eyesight or the shakiness in his eyes would become more severe later on.

He also spoke as if this could still possible go away, or at least that is the way I took it when he said that he could still see the shakiness and that he was far-sighted, so he “still” had Nystagmus. Either way, I thought this was all good news and my son did a wonderful job. He even had his eyes dilated and he was such a big boy! I love him more than I could have ever imagined I would.

Thank You once again, Heavenly Father, for such a miracle!


3 responses to “Update About My Son’s Appointment/Check-up For Nystagmus

  1. I appreciate your like on my post.Wishing you happiness through out 2013 and always..jalal

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