What Is An Important Life Lesson You Have Learned Lately?


I am interested to see what you may have learned about life lately, if you feel like sharing. I know that we all learn important lessons in our lives and for me, it is usually when I make a mistake. I would like to hear from  you and maybe we can learn some important life lessons from each other through this. I will also post one of my many “life lesson” stories  just like I am asking you to do. Thank you in advance to anyone who participates in this with me.

~Something that I have learned lately that has proven to be very valuable to me is that guilt can be a good thing, but false guilt is our enemy. I was wondering why I always say “I’m sorry” even when I don’t do anything wrong and why it seems like I’m torn to pieces inside even though I know I am forgiven if I do make a mistake.  Well, I figured out why during  an intense counseling session. It goes back to my childhood abuse and the guilt that still comes from that.  I am slowly learning to let go of it but I am also learning that healing can be a long process.


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