Walking through the street of life

Challenges encountered

I began to think

A man can accomplish anything his heart desires

For to progress in life, it calls for a pressing forward

Determination, the gateway to distinction


Problems faced, stones thrown at me like a pronounced adulterer

I never fail to put my all

Zeal, a dynamic force of achievement in life

For it brings light out of the darkness

And vision to reality


Sitting on the stage of life

Dreams drenched, like a soaked cloth

Suddenly, it occur to me

Diligent hands bring wealth

A voice in my head commanded

Do your work and never follow vain persons

As there is no substitute for hard work

If you are not a worker

You will be a beggar


Living on lies

Sitting on the lap of luxuries of friends

Then, the truth dawned on me

Those who don’t…

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