Deeply Rooted in Him

There are so many things that clamor for our attention. We live in a world of constant stimulation with all of our electronic devices; our phones beep and vibrate with emails, text messages, Facebook comments and phone calls. It seems like someone is always trying to talk to us in one form or fashion. 

“Miss anything else, but do not miss My voice. Other voices may introduce disharmony, but My voice will always bring peace to your heart and clarity to your thinking. For when you turn to the left or to the right, you will hear My voice behind you saying: This is the way, walk in it.” (An excerpt from Come Away My Beloved by Frances J. Roberts)

Do you recognize the voice of the Father over all the other voices you hear around you? Do you take time to listen to what He has to say about…

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To My Friends:

Three of my fingers went numb last weekend and when I called the nurse at my family doctor’s office, she told me that she believes I have a pinched nerve. I doubt I will be able to type very much for a while. I wanted to let all of my friends on here know what was going on so you did not think I just disappeared. I am going to try to get into the doctor tomorrow so hopefully I should know more soon. As soon as I am feeling better, I will be back to writing. 🙂 I will keep you all updated. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Cristian Mihai

I’ve been following and reading a number of blogs for over five years now. I remember this blog by a Romanian journalist; I would spend hours reading the posts, the comments — oh, the comments were so funny and great. It was quite addictive. He got an insane number of comments, and I was jealous of his success.

I was quite sure that I would never become a successful blogger. I created some blogs on various platforms, but I never had the patience to build an audience. The thing is that I never asked myself whether I had something worth writing about on an almost daily basis. I think this is something a lot of bloggers struggle with. What’s worth sharing? What’s considered useful information? Also, I believe that a lot of writers simply focus too much on trying to come up with an original idea for a blog, a new…

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So Many Emotions

Fear still consumes me
even after all these years
I still wake up at nightemotions(1)
wiping away so many tears

Confusion is what fills my soul
I don’t know how I should feel
Sometimes I’m mad and sometimes I”m sad
But I’m hoping one day I’ll be healed

I don’t know who I should trust
or how to stop the stress
I wish I could love and be loved in return
I can’t accept anything less

God, please take the pain away
I’m ready to let it go
I need to have a normal life
I have to stop feeling so low

The memories I have will stay with me
This is something I’ll never forget
But I have to forgive and release it all
Hey, happiness, it’s about time we met

~Written by Tabitha~

A Poem For Doug

20121203-121716.jpgWhy am I so lost
I don’t know what to do
I think about you always
My feelings are nothing new
Since the day you left
My heart has not been whole
I have an emptiness inside
No one could take your role
I feel so helpless
I’m hurting inside
There’s nothing I can do
Why did you have to die
Now I can’t say I love you
I have no one to call my dad
You’re out of my life forever
My life just seems so sad
My anger is overflowing
It wasn’t your time to go
You took your own life
How could you do something so low
Selfish is how I describe you
You left without saying good-bye
Now I’m stuck here coping
Trying not to cry
But I am still so strong
I’ve made it through okay
I’m getting on with my life
Taking it day by day
I wish I had one last chance
So you could know how I feel
I wish you knew my pain
I wish that it wasn’t real

~Written by Tabitha~



Walking through the street of life

Challenges encountered

I began to think

A man can accomplish anything his heart desires

For to progress in life, it calls for a pressing forward

Determination, the gateway to distinction


Problems faced, stones thrown at me like a pronounced adulterer

I never fail to put my all

Zeal, a dynamic force of achievement in life

For it brings light out of the darkness

And vision to reality


Sitting on the stage of life

Dreams drenched, like a soaked cloth

Suddenly, it occur to me

Diligent hands bring wealth

A voice in my head commanded

Do your work and never follow vain persons

As there is no substitute for hard work

If you are not a worker

You will be a beggar


Living on lies

Sitting on the lap of luxuries of friends

Then, the truth dawned on me

Those who don’t…

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My Apologies…

I wanted to apologize for changing my theme around so much lately. I am still not completely satisfied, I guess with the way my blog looks yet so I keep changing it around and probably will continue to until I find what I am looking for. Thanks for your patience.

I was outside as darkness was starting to turn lighter this morning. (This is due to a bad habit I still have-smoking cigarettes. I don’t smoke in the house because of my little one.) Anyways, I think this theme might just be the one. The sky outside reminded me of the theme of this blog, and my life…from Dusk to Dawn…how very poetic! 🙂

Update About My Son’s Appointment/Check-up For Nystagmus


Thank you to everyone for your prayers for my son. Everything went pretty well yesterday with his appointment with the pediatric eye specialist. He is a very nice doctor and even has a three-year old son with Nystagmus also. I think that is what I like to call a “God Wink” (After a book I read by Squire Rushnell called When God Winks At You about the little coincidences in life).

We found out that he is far-sighted, which the specialist said that most babies are at this age so that is not anything to worry about. He still has the shakiness, which I obviously knew about. He talked to us again about future possibilities that could range from glasses to surgeries if his eyesight or the shakiness in his eyes would become more severe later on.

He also spoke as if this could still possible go away, or at least that is the way I took it when he said that he could still see the shakiness and that he was far-sighted, so he “still” had Nystagmus. Either way, I thought this was all good news and my son did a wonderful job. He even had his eyes dilated and he was such a big boy! I love him more than I could have ever imagined I would.

Thank You once again, Heavenly Father, for such a miracle!

I Am Fearfully And Wonderfully Made – I Am Treasured, Not Damaged

Burning Fire Shut Up In My Bones

I’m overwhelmed today. You see, as I was reading a blog post this morning, past memories were triggered, and like serpents, raising up their ugly heads, with their forked tongues hissing at me, they’re trying to sink their poisonous fangs into me. My heart is heavy, but I know better than to try to push the memories away. I need to face them and remember… Behold, You desire truth in the innermost being, And in the hidden part You will make me know wisdom. (Psalm 51:6 NASB) You see, if I try to bury those memories, the pain of them will one day rise up and cause even more damage than what has already been done.

So I choose to look back at a lost little girl who dreamed of one day overcoming the pain, yet couldn’t really believe that it was possible… I was 10 years old, and it was report card day, the day I hated…

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Daily Prompt-Audience of One from November 30, 2012

I was reading through some blogs that I follow and I came across a daily prompt from November 30, 2012.  Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.

I like this prompt a lot. I immediately thought of my biological father. There were so many things left unsaid and so many questions left unanswered. I would want him to read my blog to know how his life and choices affected me and my life. I actually have a poem that fits this perfectly. Here it is.

Do you realize what you have taken from me
Well I’ll take some time to explain
The obvious things you have done to me
have caused me tremendous pain

The first time you touched me “inappropriately”
I was only two-years oldWhat a sick human being you were
Your heart was always so cold

You were supposed to be my daddy, my hero
Someone I could always trust
Instead you were the enemy
to every one of us

I always remember being so depressed
even as a very young girl
I would hide in my room and just cry
You had destroyed my entire world

You continued with the abuse
as I grew a little bit older
You had stripped away my innocence
and the days began to get colder

The control you had was unbelievable
You knew exactly what to say and do
You made me scared but at the same time,
I wanted to be loved by you

I guess you never had that love to give
You were always too selfish to care
Now you are gone from this earth
It does not seem very fair

The scars I have you cannot see
but they are very real and deep
They will always be there to remind me
that it is okay for us to weep

I mourn the loss of my childhood
That little girl so brave
I imagine hugging her tightly
and making everything okay

Even though you are my father
I am sometimes relieved you passed away
because now you can’t hurt anyone else
It is just me who still  has to pay

I do hope you are okay
wherever you may be
I will still always love you
no matter what you have done to me