To My Friends, Once Again:

I have wanted to keep everyone updated on what is going on with the numbness in my arm/back that I posted about, especially since I haven’t been able to type in a while. I had an MRI done last week and received the results today. I have a herniated disc in my back. I will be referred to a doctor that specializes in this area later this week. I will continue to post updates as I get them. As always, please continue to pray.


What an Inspiration!


I had to write this morning about how amazing it is to find new poetry and poets. I have been unbelievably inspired by about five blogs I have recently found. They have also visited my blog and we seem to all have more in common than just our poetry. It is amazing how God works to bring people together in life that need to be in some way. I have been so inspired by their poetry and it has made me feel refreshed to write more poetry again. I feel so blessed to have this place to share my experiences and, as someone recently said to me “cleanse my soul.” Thank you to everyone who visits my blog. You are taking a piece of me with you every time you read something I write because it truly comes from my heart.  God Bless you!