Why does it seem like everything ends
just as it is beginning
A beautiful friendship
Lost in the crowd
of popularity and confusion
How do I get it back
I don’t think I can
No regrets until now
A spur of the moment night
turns a lifetime into dust
It’s all gone
The love, the memories and emotions
lost forever in this world full of chaos
Day after day, getting worse
and there’s nothing I can do about it
but think and worry and wonder and cry
Is it gone forever
Anything can happen and everything did
That is my problem
Now it’s over and I’m all alone
It’s gone forever

~Written by Tabitha~


So Many Emotions

Fear still consumes me
even after all these years
I still wake up at nightemotions(1)
wiping away so many tears

Confusion is what fills my soul
I don’t know how I should feel
Sometimes I’m mad and sometimes I”m sad
But I’m hoping one day I’ll be healed

I don’t know who I should trust
or how to stop the stress
I wish I could love and be loved in return
I can’t accept anything less

God, please take the pain away
I’m ready to let it go
I need to have a normal life
I have to stop feeling so low

The memories I have will stay with me
This is something I’ll never forget
But I have to forgive and release it all
Hey, happiness, it’s about time we met

~Written by Tabitha~

A Poem For Doug

20121203-121716.jpgWhy am I so lost
I don’t know what to do
I think about you always
My feelings are nothing new
Since the day you left
My heart has not been whole
I have an emptiness inside
No one could take your role
I feel so helpless
I’m hurting inside
There’s nothing I can do
Why did you have to die
Now I can’t say I love you
I have no one to call my dad
You’re out of my life forever
My life just seems so sad
My anger is overflowing
It wasn’t your time to go
You took your own life
How could you do something so low
Selfish is how I describe you
You left without saying good-bye
Now I’m stuck here coping
Trying not to cry
But I am still so strong
I’ve made it through okay
I’m getting on with my life
Taking it day by day
I wish I had one last chance
So you could know how I feel
I wish you knew my pain
I wish that it wasn’t real

~Written by Tabitha~


Grieving Heart

My heart fills with grief for children I have not ever met
Yet, I know they live in torment,
we see it on out T.V. setstears
All around the world,
children abused, starve and die
My mind just races as I pray for them
and often wonder why
When will the day come
that our children might be safe
Will the anguish and torment stop
or is it already too late
We are often consumed
with the details of our little world
But what about all of these
other little boys and girls

~Written by Tabitha~

Caveat Lector-Riven Skies Blog

Caveat Lector.

Caveat Lector
You shouldn’t be reading this. I didn’t write these words for anyone else to see; this is not a diary. If you read any further you may not like what you see but that’s your problem; I didn’t invite you and this is your last warning.


I’m eleven and I’ve put up with things that nobody understands, that nobody seems to care about.

Does it matter to you that I’ve been molested?
Does it matter to you that this happens every Saturday?
Does it matter to you that I cry long into the night?
Does it matter to you that I wet my bed every night?
Does anything matter?

Can anyone hear me screaming?
Why can’t you hear me?

I want it to stop
But nobody cares
As long as my marks
Are the best in school
Nobody asks questions
Nobody notices
The tears
The anger
The pain

Boys will be boys
Is your explanation
I have to fight my own battles
But I can’t
I don’t know how to fight
I never learned
I didn’t have a teacher