Faithful Blogging Prompt #25

Faithful Blogging Prompt #25:  Do you keep a gratitude journal?
~I don’t anymore and I think that is something I need to start doing again. To start it, I thought I would see how many things I could think of that I am grateful for. Here they are…

  1. My son
  2. God
  3. Jesus Christ
  4. My fiance/Riley’s dad
  5. Both sides of our familiesthankGodforJesus
  6. Faith
  7. Love
  8. My cat
  9. Being able to read and write
  10. Blogging
  11. Christmas
  12. How good Riley’s health is
  13. To have a place to live
  14. That I was able to buy my son some Christmas gifts
  15. To have a camera to capture the wonderful memories of my son’s childhood
  16. That my son is not being abused
  17. For the days I’m not depressed or anxious
  18. For the nights that I sleep well without nightmares
  19. For all of the times I have without a flashback of my abuse
  20. Every time I see Riley smile or…
  21. hear him laugh
  22. Every time I smile or…
  23. laugh
  24. Writing poetry
  25. To be alive
  26. To be saved by God!
  27. To not be using drugs anymore
  28. For good doctors
  29. Because Riley is such a happy baby
  30. We were able to buy gifts for other people in our families, too
  31. We don’t go hungry
  32. God is always near me, I am never alone
  33. Healing is beginning to take place inside of my heart, mind and soul
  34. We have heat to keep us warm
  35. We have clothes on our backs
  36. The Holy Spirit
  37. Meeting new people and making new friends, even when the friendships don’t last
  38. Being a strong woman
  39. For the family I don’t see often
  40. For the wonderful memories I have of me and my grandmother before she passed away
  41. For the Bible
  42. That the Lord is my Father
  43. Poetry
  44. Notebooks
  45. Journals
  46. Pens
  47. My laptop computer
  48. My iPod
  49. Applications that help me keep my thoughts organized on my iPod
  50. Applications for Christians on my iPod