My Poetry

This is some of my poetry and will be a work-in-progress. You may recognize these from my posts. I wanted to also put the poems together in one place. I wrote a lot of these poems after my father’s suicide so they are rather sad, but I am working on writing more poetry and as my life continues to change, I believe my poetry will also. If you have not read other parts of my blog, I explain there how I have used poetry to release my emotions. This is just one of my poems and I will be adding more poetry to pages below.
~Here is one of my poems:


Tears flow down my face

as I walk towards his grave

I kneel down

and wonder if he’s okay

I brush off the dirt

and read the inscription

A beloved son and father

What a contradiction

I’m filled with such anger

yet a lot more pain

I stand there speechless

There is nothing to say

My dad, an abuser

One more selfish act

Did he take time to think

He’ll never be back

His son and daughter

dealing with their loss

He just left

and they are paying the cost

~Written by Tabitha~

~Published in Mythology Of The Heart


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